Tanning Bed Safety


The facts about tanning bed safety are some what convoluted. How often have you heard someone say "it's not safe to use a tanning bed," or "you'll get skin cancer." There are certainly tanning bed safety concerns but as with anything common sense will go a long way to keeping you safe. So lets get some of the facts about tanning beds out in the open.

There are people who are completely for tanning beds just as there are people who are totally against. And then of course there are the fence sitters. If you don't believe in tanning beds, that's okay that's certainly your right. If you worship tanning beds it wouldn't matter what I said you'd still use them. This is article is for those that just aren't sure.

We're going to help you fall off the fence one way or another. One of the concerns often heard is a worry about getting skin cancer. This is a legitimate risk that you should be aware of. You should never tan longer or more often than is recommended.

Others are concerned that they risk getting STD's or worse yet AIDS or STD's. The chance of getting aids at a tanning bed is virtually 0%. It just isn't possible because aids is transmitted through bodily fluids and cannot survive outside the body. The chance of getting other bugs like crabs is possible but not if you deal with a reputable tanning salon that properly cleans their beds. Check before you use, and ask the salon what their cleaning program is.

People believe if they don't burn they can't get skin cancer. Nothing could be further from the truth which is why tanning beds can be so dangerous if not used correctly. Melanoma the worst kind of skin cancer is actually caused by UVA rays and when you are overexposed to UVA rays you don't know because overexposure does not result in any signs such as a burn. So if you use a tanning bed too often you can increase your risk.

When using a tanning bed you can either wear a swimsuit, shorts, underwear or go in the buff. Just remember if you go in the buff that those areas are not accustomed to exposure and so it will take less time to burn and less time to do deep cell damage from the UVA rays.

How many times have you hear that you roast your internal organs by using a tanning bed. This simply is not true. There is no way you can cook your organs using a tanning bed. Just goes to show don't believe everything you read.

You must make sure to always protect your eyes by wearing the correct style of googles. If you do not wear the proper goggles you can do serious damage to your eyes and you could even go blind.

Itching that occurs after using a tanning bed is usually a result of dry skin or it could be a because you are photosensitive. Photosensitivity can be caused by medications you are taking or it can be the natural way your skin reacts. Apply a generous amount of moisturizer and if the condition consists you should stop using the bed.

Contrary to what you've heard scars will not tan any better in a tanning beds than they will in the sun. Most times they will only change color slightly if at all.

Tanning beds are a quick and easy way to tan. They are a great fill in for the real sun during the winter months, and they are a good solution for those who can't find time to get out in the sun but want a tan. Tanning beds are also a proven treatment for people who suffer from SAD.

Common sense will go a long way to keeping you safe and looking gorgeous with that golden tan!


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