The Secret To A Good Tan Is In The Bulb


The secrets out! Tanning bed bulbs in salon tanning beds, are a big part of the secret to that perfect tan. With the wide range of bulbs available for tanning beds you can have any depth of tan you desire. There are deep tanning lamps, bronzing bulbs, facial lamps, and plenty of other choices. These high tech lamps have utilized the best technology known to man, to safely tan you.

And best of all there is a bulb for every skin type. From fair to dark, the tanning industry has got you covered! You can have a soft tan, a golden tan, a bronze tan, or the deepest darkest tan you could ever imagine. As your tan progresses you can change to a lamp that will provide more amazing results. From beginner to pro there is a lamp for you.

A tanning bulb is like mother nature in a tube. In fact it's better! These bulbs are built with the highest standards, always keeping your safety in mind. The tanning industry and the FDA have set strict guidelines to keep you safe. So you can feel confident you'll not be risking your health to look good.

The UV Rays they emit are well within safe limits to ensure you stay healthy and tanned. And you've got plenty of choices ranging from UVB and UVA combos to straight UVA. You choose!

So cheat a little! It's allowed. Pick your bulb, pick your bed, and get your dream tan!


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