Get Rid Of All Those Expensive Skin Creams - They Could Be Causing You To Look Older Than You Are!


To drastically improve your skin tone simply add two to three tablespoons of - and this is a long one -

"Mediterranean...cold-pressed...extra-virgin...olive oil" to your diet. That's oil from the "Mediterranean" parts of the world; Spain and Italy are two of the best sources of extra-virgin olive oil because they have the highest polyphenol content or anti-oxidant content.

"Cold-pressed and extra virgin", that's the extraction process for getting the oil out of the olives. That process has the lowest acidity.

So your goal should be to get two to three tablespoons of Mediterranean cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil into your diet every single day. Olive oil promotes a whole host of health benefits. But, again, we're only here today to focus on how we can best leverage this nutrient to help us...look and feel younger now.

And here's the top two ways to use this oil to help you do just that: Number one, by ingesting it. Consuming two to three tablespoons of oil can reduce inflammation in every area of your body, internally and externally, including your skin. And inflammation in your skin is the primary cause of wrinkles. So by ingesting oil we're helping to reduce the signs of aging from the inside out.

Number two, the second way to use this oil to your benefit is to use it as a skin lotion all over your body one or two times per day and, again, as often as you need on any of the wrinkled or dry areas that you've got. What that's going to do is it's going to be "evening out" your skin color, it's also going to increase the radiancy of your skin, and it's going to add elasticity to all the dry areas.

This oil will reduces inflammation whether you put it on your skin topically or you ingest it internally. It's an amazing nutrient that has a myriad of benefits. I highly suggest that you begin using it in your normal diet.

After you've added this oil to your diet you're going to want to focus on the next technique which is all about the best (and worst) supplements to help you look and feel years younger - but that's next week...

Until then, I wish you the absolute best of health. If you need to contact me, please do so through www. AskChristopherGuerriero. com For a ton of f. ree, valuable tips, tricks, and secrets visit: www. MaximizeYourMetabolism. com


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