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The chin is one of the most noticed features of an individual's face because other elements of the face such as the nose, and jaw are lined up with it. Chin surgery (or mentoplasty) procedures are designed to sculpt your chin into a more desired and attractive looking form.

The best candidates for mentoplasty are those who are in good physical and mental health, who have not been diagnosed with any diseases including bone disorders. Patients should not have an unrealistic expectation when going in for chin surgery. The procedure can make the chin more or less prominent, depending on the needs and overall look of the patient's facial appearance.

Mentoplasty changes the chin's shape by moving some of the bone forward, adding implants or in some cases, completely removing the bone altogether. Each procedure has different details and is dependent on what the patient's needs are. A chin with a bone moved forward can help give the chin a stronger appearance. This is the same with adding an implant. The implants usually take around an hour and a half, but will ultimately have dramatic effects on one's overall look. Removing part of the chin bone reduces a jutting jaw and can give a patient a more welcoming look. It is best to explain to your doctor what your needs are so an appropriate plan of action can be taken.

Recovering from the surgery is a simple process. The area around the chin will be sore and tender for a few days, and will probably turn black and blue. An important part of the healing process is to maintain proper dental hygiene, especially if an incision was made through the mouth to reduce scarring. After a few days, the support tape and bandages will be removed.


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