Beauty, Wrinkles, and the Science of Laughter


When most of us think of "memory" we think of our brains, but the brain is not the only organ that has a memory. If skin is regularly positioned in a certain manner by reoccurring facial expressions, lines will ultimately form where the skin has been folded.

Just think of sailors and many others who work outdoors for a living. It's almost a given that most have lines around their eyes from squinting at the wind and sun.

Although these "crow's feet" are the ultimate result of environmental factors, it is clear that squinting and other undesirable facial expressions are prompted by many factors.

Stress and depression resulting in facial tension can also be major culprits in the development of permanent facial lines. If we want to prevent the development of these lines, we need to reduce our facial tension.

There is much talk in our high pressure world about how to reduce stress, and there are many wonderful suggestions supported by studies and experts on the subject. In reviewing these studies however, one simple suggestion resounds throughout most. And, amazingly, it is the most effortless suggestion of all.

Laugh! Laughter reduces stress hormones, which in turns relaxes your muscles and frees facial skins from undesirable contortions.

Some people may think they have nothing to laugh about and the technique of laughter is something they have totally lost. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Laughing is programmed into us as a part of our genetic make up. We do it spontaneously as babies without ever being taught. Although events in our lives sometimes make us sad and other natural emotions suppress our desire to laugh, this doesn't mean the ability to laugh has evaporated from within us.

One way to revive our laughter is to use an outside stimulus - like a watching a funny movie or reading a funny book; however the simplest way to laugh is merely use our thoughts.

Some people can remember a funny event in the past or imagine something funny they would like to see in the future. If you find it hard to do either then think of a silly action and act it out - like making a silly noise or walking liking an orangutan.

Being silly can lessen your stress, cause you to relax, thereby reducing wrinkle-causing tension in your face. So deep dig inside and find the laughter within you. Not only will you feel more beautiful, your skin will be more beautiful too.

Copyright © 2005 Alpha Ward-Burns.


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