Lanolin for Dummies - Benefits of Lanolin


Lanolin n. Fatty substance obtained from wool. [German : from Latin lana (wool) + oleum (oil)]

Wool oil, also referred to as 'wool grease' and 'wool fat', originates as a unique substance, similar to wax, secreted from special glands in sheep's skin. This substance migrates to the wool and offers natural protection to the animal against harsh weather and climatic conditions.

Wool oil is washed from the sheep's wool during the scouring (cleaning) process. This takes place after the sheep has been shorn (similar to us having a haircut), a completely harmless process that takes place once a year meaning this natural wool fibre a renewable resource.

The raw oil obtained through the scouring process is then refined into lanolin, an organic, non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable product. Pure lanolin contains less than 3 parts per million of all impurities. The lanolin used in the production of our Lanocreme skin care range is considered to be more pure than most foods we consume. The chemical make up of lanolin is fascinating, demonstrating nature's ability to create a protective coating which, to this day, chemists have been unable to duplicate in performance or composition.

Lanolin plays a major role in the production of our Lanocreme range of skin care products due to its well-deserved reputation of being the ultimate natural substance that gives a soothing and moisturizing effect when applied to the skin. Lanolin closely resembles the oil produced by our own oil glands and is easily absorbed by the outer, protective layer of our skin reducing excessive moisture loss and thereby restoring softness and elasticity.

Kim Bright has over 15 years experience with skin care products, having been involved in extensive market research throughout that time. She is currently employed as a marketing/customer services representative for Lanocorp Pacific Ltd who have been in the business of producing and distributing Lanolin based skin care products since 1987.


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