Tanning Bed Lights - The heart of your Tanning Bed !


Much like the way the overwhelming power of the Ferrari emanates from her gentle and supreme engine, the power of the tanning bed lies in the tanning bed lights that make up the heart of the best tanning beds. And the more you know about tanning bed lights, the more you grow to love it, for therein lie the seeds of beautiful bronzed skin! Read on to know more about tanning bed lights or tanning bed bulbs as they are often called and make them work for you in the best possible way.

Tanning bed lights are essentially the source of the ultraviolet radiation in the tanning bed. While its one of the more crucial parts of the tanning bed, it tends to be given less importance than its cousins such as tanning bed lotions, tanning bed goggles and pillows which all form a comprehensive basket of tanning bed supplies. The strength of a tanning bed chiefly depends on the type of bed, the intensity of the tanning bed lights used and the number of them present inside the tanning bed. Tanning bed lights can themselves vary by intensity of power which means a twenty bulb combination of higher rating might be more powerful than a fifty bulb combination of lower rating. Please note that tanning bed lights and tanning bed bulbs mean the same thing here.

The optimum time spent inside a tanning bed therefore depends not only on the power of the tanning bed lights but also on your own skin color, texture and photosensitivity. So ensure that even before you get into what you think is the best tanning bed in town, you consult your doctor or health advisor on whether tanning is a luxury you can indulge in. If you have gotten past that criteria, then understand the prescribed exposure times that your tanning bed lights come with. Always better to be safe than sorry isn't it?

You now have an insight into what makes for a good tanning experience ? so just go ahead, get the right lights, get your skin dark and go, charm the world!!


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