Makeup Tips for 40, 50, and Beyond


Growing older doesn't have to be a burden. Aging is a part of life and if we learn to appreciate our bodies and faces we will feel much more comfortable and live a much happier, stress-free life. It seems odd that some younger women are more concerned about how they look and dwell on flaws when they are at their physical best; when some older women, who are happy to be alive, feel good about themselves, accept their bodies and faces for what they are and rejoice in living.

If you are worried about getting lines and wrinkles and would like to feel better about how you look, the first step is to change your attitude toward yourself and aging. Start by evaluating the ideas and beliefs you have about aging and where you got them. If you see older women as unattractive then you are going to have a difficult time looking in the mirror at an aging face. Aging is the kind of thing that sneaks up on you and then one day - boom, you're there. I have met women who are fifty and beyond who are very attractive and exude self-confidence (yes, they have lots of lines and wrinkles and a not-so-perfect body). Their attractiveness comes from feeling good about themselves and knowing they are more than the outside package. Self-confidence crosses all barriers, people notice and see the beauty.

Aging gracefully doesn't mean that you shouldn't take care of yourself. It means keeping fit, using skin care products regularly, watching your diet and living a balanced life. Develop your own beauty and accentuate your positive qualities.

As we age and our faces change, we must change the way we care for our skin and how we wear makeup. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Always use a moisturizer. A good moisturizer will help your foundation glide on and will keep your skin more healthy. Choose a foundation that is the same color as your skin, is moist, goes on evenly and is one you can see your skin through. Don't forget to blend around the jaw line.

2. If you have dark spots a good concealer and foundation will hide it. If you have a lot see a dermatologist who can lighten them.

3. Powder is used to absorb excess oil and reduce shine. If you have been plagued with oily skin all your life you might notice that as you get older your skin is less oily and you have fewer lines than your dry to normal-skin friends. Use powder sparingly since too much will accentuate lines.

4. Use eye shadows sparingly and only use shadows that have a matte finish. Iridescent or shadows with a shimmer attract the light and will make wrinkles more apparent. This is a time when less is more. Use earthy tones that create depth and apply the dark shadow to the outside of the lid making sure the lines move upward.

5. Eyebrows change as we age and become unruly and sparse. Use an eyebrow pencil and feather strokes to fill in the bare spots. Keep your eyebrows a lighter color than your hair and in good condition. Remember, eyebrows frame the eyes; so to open your eyes and keep them looking bright depends largely on how well you care for your eyebrows.

6. Use blush to create a soft look. Blush shouldn't stand out - use just enough to create a glow.

7. Use a lip liner to prevent your lipstick from bleeding into the fine lines around your mouth. Lip products that have an emollient that will keep your lips soft.

Use makeup to accentuate your positive qualities and make yourself feel great. Don't focus on covering lines and wrinkles but instead pay attention to your positive features. Let the beautiful you show through.


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