Ten Low-Cost Ways to Look Good for Your Man (and for Yourself!)


Face it ladies; the reason you want to look nice is to attract the opposite sex. And let's also face the fact that most men do not even notice half the things you spend your hard-earned cash on in the name of looking good for them. Whether you're a swinging single, have a boyfriend, or even a couple of boyfriends, you can still turn heads without blowing your entire paycheck on self-maintenance. Here are ten tips.

1. Grow your hair long. Forget the stacked and sprayed look, girls. Men want long, luxuriant locks that they can run their fingers through and maybe even give a gentle tug on once in a while to pay homage to their inner caveman. Save your money on expensive haircuts. Instead, have a friend trim those tresses at home (or do it yourself). Split ends are never in style no matter what look you're sporting.

2. Cut your hair short. I know; I just told you to grow it and now I'm saying cut it. If you're one of those pixie-face girls with milky skin and great shoulders who can leave the house wearing no makeup and still look hot... chop it all off! You're naturally feminine and can get away with it. Keep the hair goop to a minimum. Again: the idea here is soft and natural.

3. Put on a skirt. If you're married or have been dating the same guy for a while, you know the Skirt Reaction. It usually involves appreciative murmurs, spontaneous affection, and umm... well, I don't need to explain further, do I? Your skirt doesn't have to be Neiman Marcus. A denim mini that you paid 14 bucks for can look just as nice as whatever the models are sporting in your copy of Vogue, if you dress it up in just the right way.

4. Exfoliate. Ditch the foundation, ladies. Your boyfriend doesn't apply beige paint to his face every time he leaves the house and neither should you. Face makeup looks unnatural, and I'll bet your man would say it tastes kinda funny, too. Instead, pick up a tube of exfoliant for less than four bucks (it will last you at least five months). Scrub with it every four days or so, and you'll be bright, rosy and cheeky as a schoolgirl. If you're concerned about oil, buy a translucent powder compact at the Rite Aid and apply as necessary.

5. Paint your toenails and fingernails yourself. Do you actually pay other people to do your nails? Shame, shame. Manicures and pedicures rank high on the list of things Men Couldn't Care Less About. Professional French Manicure, Pink Piggies Done at Home or even Naked Nails... it makes no difference to him. Save your money and have a finger-and-toe-painting party with a girlfriend or two. Also, forget the Lee Press-On look. Teradactyl talons are terribly tacky. Go with short-to-medium length, natural and "non-scary" nails.

6. Neaten up those eyebrows. No "miracle lipstick" in the world is going to make a difference if your eyebrows look like two caterpillars curled up and died on your forehead! Eyebrow artillery: sharp trimming scissors, a good pair of tweezers. Step 1: brush eyebrow hair upward. Step 2: Trim straight across. Step 3: pluck stray hairs and define arches - and please don't overdo it! Think Jennifer Aniston, not Bette Davis.

7. Avoid the Lumpy Look. The lumpy look occurs when your clothes are too tight. If the jeans are too small, find a top with tummy coverage. If you're spilling over the bra cups, camoflauge with a thicker fabric shirt or sweater. The Lumpy Look is a semi-emergency situation that demands action. Either hit the stores for a bigger size, or get on Weight Watchers ASAP because girl, you're in trouble.

8. Eyes or Lips - not both. The key to being tastefully attractive is downplaying one feature while up-playing another. If you decide to go with smoky baby blues, then opt for bare or clear lips that day. To show off your perfect pucker, select a nice flattering shade of lipcolor. Paint inside the lines (this is important - no man likes the Rodeo Clown look) and leave the eye makeup to a bare minimum. This same theory applies to your clothing. Legs on display? Cover up the belly. Cleavage peeking out? Hide that junk in the trunk.

9. Forget the tanning bed. Yes, fake tanners, we are all talking about how silly you look behind your back. Keep up the year-round tanning, and in five years you'll resemble a Ball Park hot dog that's been on the grill for far too long. Tan in a bottle is no better, especially with those telltale brown creases behind your knees. Do your skin a favor and keep tanning to the summer months.

10. Feel good about yourself, and smile! By far the best way to be attractive is to actually FEEL attractive. If you're smiling and in a great mood, you'll be naturally sexy no matter what you're wearing. Put on your favorite tunes, go hang out with your best pals, get some fresh air and do the things you enjoy most in life. Real beauty comes from within, and has a lot more to do with the gleam in your eye and the spring in your step than an expensive haircut or anti-aging cream. So, let it all hang out, be yourself and be happy about it. After all, you're one of a kind... and that's pretty attractive!


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