The Fountain of Youth


The fountain of youth has always been the most sought-after yet illusive pursuit of man. Does it truly exist? Yes, it does, but not in a tangible form. The fountain of youth is an attitude, a way of thinking, and a way of life.

The biggest thrill of childhood was the anticipation of joy and happiness yet to come in your life. Nature's progressive order of growing up was inborn in our conscience:

o Get an education
o Get a job
o Get married
o Raise a family of your own
o Retire and live happily ever-after

Having so much to look forward to in getting older was what made childhood so exciting and full of wonder.

Occasionally people reach a stage in life when the thrill of optimism and joy of expectation of these highly anticipated milestone events seem to have been replaced with a ho-hum existence, sprinkled with disappointment after disappointment. This is commonly known as a mid-life crisis.

Life automatically has its bumps in the road and everyone experiences the entire emotional gamut in varying degrees. Frustrations, worry, depression and disappointment ultimately take their toll and low self-esteem is most often the individual result. It is this low level of self-esteem that makes you age faster than maybe you actually need to. The biological clock and gravitational forces don't show any kindness, either.

So what if you start to look older? If you weren't getting older you would have a bigger problem. It happens, so make the best of it.

What would happen if you chose to think young again and discovered an entirely new area to explore within your world that gave you something to look forward to every day? Your emotional health would begin to heal and from there, your physical health would be positively affected. You could assume the same innocent anticipation you had as a child, able to experience again that same child-like inner happiness, strength and positive energy.

Life is to be lived with enthusiasm and with a strong desire to see what comes next. This is the power of youth. When you make up your mind there is nothing left, age takes its toll.

The power is inside you to think young and therefore restore your youth all over again. You can change your thoughts by changing the way you choose to view situations, circumstances, people and especially yourself.

Self-confidence and self-esteem make you look, feel and carry yourself youthfully. Making the effort to look your best from head to toe at all times, gives you personal pride and allows you to defy human nature in an effort of fighting the negative elements of physical aging.

What did you do when you were a kid? Why not continue doing it? Bounce on a trampoline. Lift weights. Play games. Swing on the swing at the park. Laugh. Take a nap. Accept a new challenge now and then. Maybe your life just needs a little rejuvenation and your furnace of metabolism just needs a little re-regulating. Having something to look forward to makes that possible and adds sparkle to life. Hope is an attitude without age limitations.

Keep your mind filled with knowledge and keep it productive. Do all the good you can with what you have and never quit having a goal to work toward. Nothing brings more joy in life than achievement of your goals, perhaps because by now you have learned that you have no choice but to give your best efforts and utilize your talents to reach them. Having something to strive toward allows you to overcome emotional old age.

Decide on a new goal and give your best efforts in attempting to achieve it. Nothing brings more joy in life than a goal achieved. Wanting to do something and giving it the very best you can - provides an inner personal joy. Hard work, dedication and determination will bring greater happiness than anything else in life.

Refuse to get old. You don't have to. Youth is enthusiasm, activity, plans and projects. Fall in love with what you are doing.

o Smile often
o Have a good sense of humor
o Make others feel happy about themselves
o Know your limitations
o Laugh at yourself
o Be your true, uninhibited self
o Be determined to excel
o Retain your own personal technique and make it your trademark

Tell yourself you are still a child and that you plan to stay there. You can turn back the hands of time by dressing younger and listening to the music you listened to when you were a hope-filled, love-struck teenager. Seeking ways to improve yourself must become a way of life - and it's never too late to start!


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